WHEN: 24 – 28 Jul | WHERE: Site Specific, London 

We are forgetting that when you cut people they bleed…There’s a lost nation out there who people just don’t see or speak to

Lost Nation is a story of modern day heroes. A story of survival in 2013. 

Based on interviews with real people, Lost Nation is a gritty site-responsive drama about Londoners battling against the odds, who overcome the challenges and pressures of society and a Government who brand them skivers and shirkers. Set in the streets of London. 

Spread over five days featuring 4 different actors: every day each actor told one individual story in a different revealed location in the London Borough of Brent. Lost Nation took you on a physical Journey through streets and buildings and included powerful verbatim theatre plus the world exclusive of the Lost Nation documentary featuring, Academy Award winner and former actress, Glenda Jackson, MP.

Lost Nation was filmed live so that the audience became not only spectator but integral to our live film shoot!

Our Artistic Director Topher Campbell mixed compelling personal testimony with powerful documentary film to tell six of the most captivating, vital and tender stories of ordinary Londoners that are battling to survive.

By capturing the hearts and minds of the people most affected, Lost Nation challenged perceptions of poverty, homelessness and social exclusion. As the lead production of The Red Room’s Poverty Project, ultimately, Lost Nation asked us to all to think about the kind of society we all want to live in.

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Devised and Directed by Topher Campbell
Associate Director – Zoe Lafferty
Set & Costume Design – Moi Tran
Jeremy – Phil Cheadle
Monique – Martina Laird
William – Roger Griffith
Katlyn – Joyce Greenaway