A Salvaged Stage in the Heart of Southwark

Oikos (pronounced ee-kos) is the root word of economy and ecology. Embracing these principles, in 2010, we embarked on an exciting theatre project: a unique mix of public-made art, architecture and performance that explores how a new sustainable society can flourish in a world altered by climate change.

Last summer, minutes away from the South Bank in the heart of London, award-winning Berlin-based architects Köbberling and Kaltwasser worked alongside volunteers created The Jelly Fish Theatre, the UK’s first fully-functioning theatre made entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials.

Focusing on energy-efficiency, co-operation and human-scale construction, The Jellyfish Theatre was showcased as part of the London Festival of Architecture in July and opened to the public in August.

With climate change already impacting on our lives, The Red Room commissioned leading playwrights, Kay Adshead and Simon Wu, to examine ways our society may adapt for survival in two urgent and inspiring plays. Oikos and Protozoa were performed in this unique venue during September and October 2010.

This was a ground-breaking project, full of optimism and fun, which empowered people to realise new possibilities in how we might live in the future. It involved a real collaboration between local residents, school children, environmentalists, theatregoers and anyone who loves our city in building and making real this theatre.

The Oikos Project was developed with support of the National Theatre Studio, the New Economics Foundation, UCL Environment institute, WebPlay, M3 Consulting, AKT part of WYG Engineering Ltd, Tipping Point, and Southwark Council. We acknowledge funding from Arts Council England and Unity Theatre Trust.

THE OIKOS PROJECT by The Red Room in partnership with The Architecture Foundation and in association with The Junction

Director: Topher Campbell with Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser

Build: June – August 2010
Performances:from 26 August 2010


Small Project Award winner 2011

Nominated for The AKA What’s on Stage Theatre Event of the Year Award 2011

Nominated for the Urban Intervention Award Berlin 2010