Inspired by films such as Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Enemy of the State staring Will Smith; INVISIBLE is a meditation on freedom, loneliness, paranoia and surveillance culture.

Most recently, 2011-2012 has seen a new phenomenon in policing ‘The Pre Arrest.’ Police have attempted to prevent legitimate peaceful protest by arresting those it feels might cause a public nuisance.

It’s a very sinister tactic that has an effect on the Britain’s long tradition of the right to peaceful public protest. Also, Charlie Vietch was arrested before the Royal Wedding last year and detained for 48 hours without access to a Lawyer or Family visit; and Simono Bonomo was arrested for filming architecture ion London.

Simono was later acquitted of all charges. Meanwhile cyclists were kettled by police in 2012 for cycling in Games Lanes.

INVISIBLE is a personal response to the idea of the restriction of freedom and asks. What can we do to reclaim public space for the public?

INVISIBLE is a Red Room and Ballet Boyz Production for Channel 4 in association with The Arts Council England. A collaboration between director Topher Campbell and choreographer Jean Abreu.

The full version of the film was screened on Channel 4 on November 29th.


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