Broken Britain by The Red Room, Image

WHEN: 19th October 2012, 7:30PM

VENUE : The Brink, 5-21 Parr Street, Liverpool L1 4JN

The abolition of the EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) and the hike in student loans is forcing young people to re think their future.

Liverpool is the fastest growing UK economy outside of London with an impressive regeneration program but is enough is being done to tackle the problems some of the youth face? With major cuts to youth services what is available? Do we care more about shops and businesses than the lives of young?

Liverpool has one third of its children living in poverty whilst it also relies heavily on the public sector for jobs. Is the new regeneration surge going to solve unemployment?

What is the future of Liverpool’s next generation?

Is Britain broken or is it the system that needs fixing?

What do you think? What is your experience of looking for work? Were you in the riots? Do you think there is enough provision for young people? How would you improve things? Is Liverpool a land of opportunity?

Teaming up with Liverpool’s dynamic and challenging youth theatre company 20 Stories High, artists, activists, social thinkers and the general public will be brought together to have their say on the pressing issues of the day.

The Red Room is inviting you to take part in this unique performance and discussion platform where you have the opportunity to get your voice heard. More than that you have the opportunity to make a difference by speaking your truth. Broken Britain will also feature spoken word, theatre and music with performances by 20 Stories High, UK Hip Hop artist Skittles, playwrights Laurence Wilson and Luke E Barnes, Spoken Word artist Curtis Watt, Rare Studio Liverpool plus a host of special guests. Part of the Red Room’s #PovertyProject.

Get involved with the discussion and on the 19th (if you can’t make it to The Brink) by joining our #BrokenBritain Tweets.

BROKEN BRITAIN? is a Red Room Platform. The Platforms are a unique interactive debate performance event that encourages participation and change at a grass roots level. This Platform is part of series that have included subjects such as The Riots, Gay Africa, Feminism, Deaths in Police Custody and Surveillance Culture.

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