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The Red Room is committed to creating work that challenges the Status Quo.


We aim to create theatre, film, and web-based events that challenge social injustice and promote human rights. We aim to create work that is original, daring, provocative and inspiring, for audiences who question the changing world.

We aim to forge alliances with artists, activists, writers, social commentators and organisations to campaign for equal rights and a better understanding of our stake in contemporary society. We believe that it is not only governments and the powerful that should have a say, but ordinary people.

Through our work we hope to give voice to those under represented in society in a form that is accessible in style and challenging in content.


Past work

Topher Campbell’s production of Unstated in 2009 was described as

“a morality play of our times. Go to be challenged. You may be uncomfortable but you may experience theatre as a potentially life changing experience.”

Meanwhile the Okios project that focused on Poitics, Ecology and Economics won awards through its centerpiece creation of the Jellyfish Theatre, The UK’s first and only full functioning theatre made entirely from recycled materials

Our innovative series of platforms has tackled the human right crisis for LGBT people in Africa, The future of feminism, the war in Iraq and an urgent performance inspired debate about the RIOTS London.

Company history

The Red Room was created in 1995 by Lisa Goldman and Emma Schad converting a derelict room above the (then) derelict Lion and Unicorn pub in Kentish Town. In our first extraordinary year we premiered 12 new plays by new and more established writers. The Red Room appointed Topher Campbell as artistic director in 2007. The current team also includes Bryan Savery: Prodcuer, Roy Alexandar Weise: Assistant Director and Debo Adebayo: Digital & Marketing Manager.

Published Playtexts

  • The Shorewatcher’s House Sunspots, People on the River and Stealing Souls by Judy Upton, Methuen
  • The Night Before Christmas, The Censor by Anthony Neilson, Methuen Anthology
  • The Bogus Woman by Kay Adshead, Oberon Playtext
  • Made in England by Parv Bancil, Black and Asian Plays Anthology, Aurora Metro
  • Animal by Kay Adshead, Oberon Playtext
  • Stitching by Anthony Neilson, Methuen
  • Oikos by Simon Wu
  • Protozoa by Kay Adshead